Voici une liste des espèces de lézards pour lesquelles je dispose de photos. La liste est continuellement mise à jour. un travail long et fastidieux, plus ou moins à jour au gré de mes pérégrinations herpétologiques ! Dans le tableau, un lien est associé à la plupart des espèces. Ce lien renvoie vers quelques exemples de photos du spécimen qui existent dans ma bibliothèque (n’hésitez pas à rafraîchir si la page flickr ne renvoie vers aucun résultat). Le tableau indique, pour chaque espèce, de quel type de photo je dispose (photo in situ ou photo sur fond blanc), et le lieu de la prise de photo. Les noms vernaculaires et la taxonomie (plus ou moins à jour selon les spécialistes) sont à titre indicatif. [En cours !]

Here is a list of the lizard species that I have available in photos. The list is continuously updated. a long and tedious work, more or less up to date according to my herpetological wanderings! In the table, a link is associated with most species. This link refers to some examples of photos of the specimen that exist in my library (feel free to refresh if the flickr page does not return any results). The table indicates, for each species, what type of photo I have (photo in situ or photo on a white background), and the place of taking a photo. The common names and the taxonomy (more or less up to date according to the specialists) are for information only. [IN PROGRESS…]


Liste de Lézards – Lizards List


Espèce / Species Photo F. blanc / Whiteback. English name Nom français Taxonomy Lieu / Location
Ablepharus kitaibelii X   Snake-eyed Skink   Scincidae GREECE
Ablepharus pannonicus X   Asian Snake-eyed Skink   Scincidae IRAN
Abronia graminea X X Arboreal Alligator Lizard   Anguidae MEXICO
Abronia monticola X Montane Alligator Lizard   Anguidae COSTA RICA
Acanthocercus atricollis X Blue headed tree Agama   Agamidae UGANDA
Acanthocercus gregorii X Gregory’s Blue-headed Agama   Agamidae TANZANIA
Acanthodactylus (pardalis) busacki X X Fringe-fingered Lizard Acanthodactyle de Busack Lacertidae MOROCCO
Acanthodactylus aegyptius X   Egyptian Fringe-Fingered lizard   Lacertidae ISRAEL
Acanthodactylus aureus X X Golden Fringe-fingered Lizard Acanthodactyle doré Lacertidae MOROCCO
Acanthodactylus boskianus X X Bosk’s Fringe-Fingered Lizard Acanthodactyle rugueux Lacertidae ISRAEL
Acanthodactylus erythrurus X   Spiny-footed Lizard Acanthodactyle d’Europe Lacertidae SPAIN
Acanthodactylus schreiberi X   Schreiber’s fringe-fingered lizard   Lacertidae ISRAEL
Acanthodactylus scutellatus X   Nidua Fringe-Fingered Lizard   Lacertidae ISRAEL
Adolfus jacksoni X   Jackon’s Forest Lizard   Lacertidae UGANDA
Adolfus masavaensis X X Western Alpine Meadow Lizard   Lacertidae KENYA
Agama caudospinosa X  X Elmenteita Rock Agama Agamidae KENYA
Agama hulbertorum X  X Ngong Agama Agamidae KENYA
Agama bibronii (ex impalearis) X   Bibron’s Agama Agame de Bibron Agamidae MOROCCO
Agama mossambica X Mozambique Agama Agame du Mozambique Agamidae TANZANIA
Agama picticauda X   African Redhead Agama Agamidae IVORY COAST
Algyroides hidalgoi (ex Algyroides marchi) X   Spanish Algyroides Algyroide de Valverde Lacertidae SPAIN
Algyroides moreoticus X   Greek Algyroides   Lacertidae GREECE
Ameiva ameiva X   Amazon Racerunner Ameive commun Teiidae FRENCH GUIANA-COSTA RICA-BRAZIL
Ancylodactylus barbouri X X Barbour’s Gecko   Gekkonidae TANZANIA
Anguis cephallonica X   Peloponnese Slow Worm   Anguidae GREECE
Anguis colchica X X Eastern Slow Worm   Anguidae IRAN – GEORGIA
Anguis fragilis X X Common Slow Worm Orvet fragile Anguidae FRANCE
Anguis graeca X   Greek Slow Worm   Anguidae GREECE
Anguis veronensis X X Italian Slow Worm Orvet de Vérone Anguidae FRANCE
Anolis auratus X       Dactyloidae FRENCH GUIANA
Anolis biporcatus X       Dactyloidae COSTA RICA
Anolis capito X       Dactyloidae COSTA RICA
Anolis festae X   Veronica’s Anole   Dactyloidae ECUADOR
Anolis fraseri X   Fraser’s Anole   Dactyloidae ECUADOR
Anolis fuscoauratus X       Dactyloidae FRENCH GUIANA-ECUADOR
Anolis marmoratus X   Guadeloupean anole Anolis brillant de la Guadeloupe Dactyloidae FRENCH GUIANA
Anolis oxylophus X   Stream Anole   Dactyloidae COSTA RICA
Anolis parilis X   Neighboring Anole   Dactyloidae ECUADOR
Anolis schiedii X X Schiede’s Anole   Dactyloidae MEXICO
Anolis scypheus X X Yellow-tongued Anole   Dactyloidae ECUADOR
Anolis trachyderma X X Common Forest Anole   Dactyloidae ECUADOR
Anolis transversalis X X Banded Tree Anole   Dactyloidae ECUADOR
Aphaniotis fusca X   Dusky Earless Agama   Agamidae MALAYSIA
Arthrosaura kockii X       Gymnophthalmidae FRENCH GUIANA
Asaccus griseonotus X   Gray Leaf-toed gecko   Gekkonidae IRAN
Aspidoscelis sackii X   Sack’s Giant Whiptail Lizard   Teiidae MEXICO
Atlantolacerta andreanskyi X   Atlas Dwarf Lizard Lézard d’Andreanszky Lacertidae MOROCCO
Basiliscus basiliscus X   Common Basilisk   Corytophanidae COSTA RICA
Basiliscus galeritus Subadult only   Western Basilisk   Corytophanidae ECUADOR
Basiliscus plumifrons X   Green Basilisk   Corytophanidae COSTA RICA
Basiliscus vittatus X   Brown Basilisk   Corytophanidae COSTA RICA
Broadleysaurus major X X Rough-scaled Plated Lizard   Gerrhosauridae TANZANIA
Bronchocela cristatella X   Green crested lizard   Agamidae MALAYSIA
Calotes emma X   Forest Crested Lizard   Agamidae MALAYSIA
Calotes versicolor X   Changeable Garden Lizard   Agamidae MALAYSIA
Celestus enneagrammus X X Huaxteca Lesser Galliwasp   Diploglossidae MEXICO
Cercosaura argulus X X White-Striped Eyed Lizard Cercosaure aux cent yeux Gymnophthalmidae ECUADOR
Chalcides bedriagai X   Bedriaga’s Skink Seps de Bedriaga Scincidae SPAIN
Chalcides manueli X X Manuel’s Skink Seps de Manuel Scincidae MOROCCO
Chalcides mionecton X   Mionecton Skink Seps mionecton Scincidae MOROCCO
Chalcides montanus X   Mountain Skink Seps montagnard Scincidae MOROCCO
Chalcides ocellatus X   Ocellated Skink Seps ocellé Scincidae MOROCCO-GREECE
Chalcides polylepis X   Many-scaled Cylindrical Skink Seps à écailles nombreuses Scincidae MOROCCO
Chalcides sepsoides (= Sphenops s.) X X Wedge-Snouted Skink   Scincidae ISRAEL
Chalcides sphenopsiformis  (= Sphenops s.) X X Sand Skink Sphénops occidental Scincidae MOROCCO
Chalcides striatus X X Western Three-toed Skink Seps strié Scincidae FRANCE-SPAIN
Chamaeleo africanus X   African Chameleon Caméléon africain Chamaeleonidae GREECE
Chamaeleo chamaeleon X X Common Chameleon Caméléon européen Chamaeleonidae SPAIN-MOROCCO
Chamaeleo dilepis X X Flap-necked Chameleon Chamaeleonidae KENYA – TANZANIA
Chamaeleo gracilis X X Graceful Chameleon Caméléon gracile Chamaeleonidae IVORY COAST
Chatogekko amazonicus (ex. Coleodactylus a.) X   Brazilian pygmy gecko   Sphaerodactylidae FRENCH GUIANA
Chondrodactylus turneri X X Turner’s Thick-toed Gecko   Gekkonidae KENYA
Cnemidophorus lemniscatus X   Rainbow Whiptail   Teiidae FRENCH GUIANA
Coleonyx elegans X X Yucatan Banded Gecko   Eublepharidae MEXICO
Copeoglossum nigropunctatum X   South American Spotted Skink   Scincidae FRENCH GUIANA-BRAZIL
Cophoscincopus simulans X X Mimic Earless Skink   Scincidae – Eugongylinae IVORY COAST
Corytophanes cristatus X X Smooth Helmeted Iguana   Corytophanidae COSTA RICA
Crossobamon eversmanni X       Gekkonidae IRAN
Ctenosaura similis X   Black Spiny-tailed Iguana Cténosaure noir Iguanidae COSTA RICA
Cyrtodactylus australotitiwangsaensis X   Southern Titiwangsa Bent-toed Gecko   Gekkonidae MALAYSIA
Cyrtodactylus consobrinus X   Peters’ Forest Gecko   Gekkonidae MALAYSIA
Cyrtodactylus quadrivirgatus X   Marbled Bent-Toed Gecko   Gekkonidae MALAYSIA
Cyrtopodion scabrum Poor       Gekkonidae IRAN
Dalmatolacerta oxycephala X   Sharp-snouted Lizard   Lacertidae MONTENEGRO
Darevskia caucasica X X Caucasian Rock Lizard Lézard du Caucase Lacertidae GEORGIA
Darevskia chlorogaster X   Green-bellied Lizard   Lacertidae IRAN
Darevskia dahli X Dahl’s Rock Lizard Lacertidae GEORGIA
Darevskia defilippii X   Alborz Lizard   Lacertidae IRAN
Darevskia steineri X   Steiner’s Lacerta   Lacertidae IRAN
Darevskia valentini X X Valentin’s Lizard Lacertidae GEORGIA
Dinarolacerta montenegrina X   Prokletije Rock Lizard   Lacertidae MONTENEGRO
Dinarolacerta mosorensis  X   Mosor Rock Lizard   Lacertidae MONTENEGRO
Diploglossus bilobatus X   O’Shaughnessy’s Galliwasp   Diploglossidae COSTA RICA
Draco maculatus X   Spotted Gliding Lizard   Agamidae MALAYSIA
Echinosaura horrida X X Rough Teiid   Gymnophthalmidae ECUADOR
Emoia atrocostata Poor   Littoral Whiptail-skink   Scincidae MALAYSIA
Enyalioides heterolepis X X Spiny Dwarf-Iguana   Hoplocercidae ECUADOR
Enyalioides laticeps X X Broad-headed Woodlizard   Hoplocercidae ECUADOR
Eremias lineolata X   Striped Race Runner   Lacertidae IRAN
Euleptes europaea X X European Leaf-toed Gecko Eulepte d’Europe Gekkonidae FRANCE
Eumeces algeriensis X   Algerian Orange-Tailed Skink Eumécès d’Algérie Scincidae MOROCCO
Eutropis longicaudata X   Long-tailed Sun Skink   Scincidae MALAYSIA
Eutropis multifasciata X   Many-lined Sun Skink   Scincidae MALAYSIA
Gekko gecko X X Tokay Gecko   Gekkonidae INDONESIA – MALAYSIA
Gekko monarchus X   Spotted House Gecko   Gekkonidae MALAYSIA
Gonatodes albogularis X   Yellow-headed Gecko   Sphaerodactylidae COSTA RICA
Gonatodes annuralis X   Annulated Gecko   Sphaerodactylidae FRENCH GUIANA
Gonatodes concinnatus X X Collared Forest Gecko   Sphaerodactylidae ECUADOR
Gonatodes humeralis X X Timor Gecko Gonatode des carbets Sphaerodactylidae FRENCH GUIANA – ECUADOR
Gonocephalus (Malayodracon) robinsonii X   Robinson’s Forest Dragon   Agamidae MALAYSIA
Gonocephalus bornensis X   Borneo Forest Dragon   Agamidae MALAYSIA
Gonocephalus doriae X   Doria’s Angle-headed Lizard   Agamidae MALAYSIA
Gonocephalus grandis X   Great Anglehead Lizard   Agamidae MALAYSIA
Gonocephalus liogaster X Young only Blue-eyed Angle-headed Lizard   Agamidae MALAYSIA
Gymnophthalmus underwoodi X   Underwood’s Spectacled Tegu   Gymnophthalmidae FRENCH GUIANA
Hellenolacerta graeca X   Greek Rock Lizard   Lacertidae GREECE
Heloderma horridum X X Mexican beaded lizard Lézard perlé Helodermatidae MEXICO
Hemidactylus fasciatus X X African Banded Forest Gecko Gekkonidae IVORY COAST
Hemidactylus frenatus X   Common House Gecko Gecko des maisons à queue épineuse Gekkonidae MALAYSIA-MEXICO
Hemidactylus garnotii X   Indo-Pacific Gecko   Gekkonidae COSTA RICA
Hemidactylus mabouia X X Afro-American House Gecko   Gekkonidae UGANDA-BRAZIL-KENYA-IVORY COAST
Hemidactylus muriceus X X Guinea Leaf-toed Gecko   Gekkonidae IVORY COAST
Hemidactylus platycephalus X X Baobab Gecko Gecko des baobabs Gekkonidae TANZANIA
Hemidactylus platyurus X   Flat-tailed Gecko   Gekkonidae INDONESIA
Hemidactylus turcicus X   Turkish Gecko Hémidactyle verruqueux Gekkonidae FRANCE-SPAIN
Hemiphyllodactylus sp. X       Gekkonidae MALAYSIA
Holaspis guentheri (Holaspis laevis) X   Sawtail lizard   Lacertidae TANZANIA
Holcosus festivus Young only   Central American whiptail   Teiidae COSTA RICA
Holcosus leptophrys X     Teiidae COSTA RICA
Holcosus quadrilineatus X   Four-lined Ameiva   Teiidae COSTA RICA
Holcosus undulatus X   Rainbow Ameiva   Teiidae COSTA RICA
Iberolacerta aranica X   Aran Rock Lizard Lézard du val d’Aran Lacertidae FRANCE
Iberolacerta aurelioi X   Aurelio’s Rock Lizard Lézard d’Aurelio Lacertidae FRANCE
Iberolacerta bonnali X X Pyrenean Rock Lizard Lézard de Bonnal Lacertidae FRANCE
Iberolacerta cyreni X   Carpetane Rock Lizard   Lacertidae SPAIN
Iberolacerta galani X   Leon Rock Lizard   Lacertidae SPAIN
Iberolacerta martinezricai X   Batuecan Rock Lizard   Lacertidae SPAIN
Iberolacerta monticola X   Iberian Rock Lizard   Lacertidae SPAIN
Iguana iguana X   Central American Green Iguana Iguane commun Iguanidae FRENCH GUIANA-MEXICO
Kentropyx calcarata X   Striped Forest Whiptail   Teiidae FRENCH GUIANA
Kinyongia magomberae X X Magombera chameleon   Chamaeleonidae TANZANIA
Kinyongia msuyae X X Southern Highlands One-horned Chameleon   Chamaeleonidae TANZANIA
Lacerta agilis X   Sand Lizard Lézard des souches Lacertidae FRANCE
Lacerta bilineata X X Western green Lizard Lézard à deux raies Lacertidae FRANCE
Lacerta media X X Medium Lizard Lézard vert du Proche-Orient Lacertidae GEORGIA
Lacerta schreiberi X X Schreiber’s Lizard Lézard de Schreiber Lacertidae SPAIN
Lacerta strigata X X Caspian Green Lizard Lézard vert de la Caspienne Lacertidae GEORGIA
Lacerta trilineata X   Balkan Emerald Lizard   Lacertidae GREECE
Lacerta viridis X   Eastern green Lizard Lézard vert oriental Lacertidae MONTENEGRO
Latastia longicaudata X   Common Long-tailed Lizard Lacertidae KENYA
Laudakia nupta  X   Yellow-headed Agama   Agamidae IRAN
Lepidoblepharis xanthostigma   X Litter Gecko   Sphaerodactylidae COSTA RICA
Lepidophyma flavimaculatum X X Yellow-spotted Night Lizard   Xantusiidae COSTA RICA
Leposoma guianensis X       Gymnophthalmidae FRENCH GUIANA
Leptosiaphos kilimensis X X Kilimanjaro Five-toed Skink   Scincidae TANZANIA
Loxopholis parietalis X X Common Root Teju   Gymnophthalmidae ECUADOR
Lygodactylus angularis X Angulate dwarf gecko   Gekkonidae TANZANIA
Lygodactylus capensis X X Cape Dwarf Gecko   Gekkonidae KENYA – TANZANIA
Lygodactylus manni X X Mann’s Dwarf Gecko   Gekkonidae KENYA
Lygodactylus picturatus X Painted Dwarf Gecko   Gekkonidae TANZANIA
Lygodactylus williamsi X Electric blue gecko   Gekkonidae TANZANIA
Lygosoma bowringii X       Scincidae MALAYSIA
Lygosoma quadrupes X   Short-limbed Supple Skink   Scincidae MALAYSIA
Marisora unimarginata Poor       Scincidae COSTA RICA
Mediodactylus kotschyi  (= Cyrtopodion k.) X   Kotschy’s Gecko Cyrtodactyle de Kotschy Gekkonidae GREECE
Mesalina bahaeldini X   Desert Lizard   Lacertidae ISRAEL
Mesalina guttulata X X Small-spotted Lizard Erémias à gouttelettes Lacertidae MOROCCO
Mesalina olivieri X   Olivier’s Sand Lizard Erémias d’Olivier Lacertidae MOROCCO
Micrablepharus maximilianus X X Maximilian´s Blue-tailed Microteiid   Gymnophthalmidae BRAZIL
Microgecko helenae / latifi X   Latifi’s Dwarf Gecko   Gekkonidae IRAN
Mochlus afer X X Scincidae – Lygosominae TANZANIA
Mochlus guineensis X X Guinean Forest Skink Scinque de Guinée Scincidae – Lygosominae IVORY COAST
Mochlus sundevallii X X Peters’ Eyelid Skink   Scincidae – Lygosominae KENYA
Neusticurus bicarinatus (or rudis) X   Two-faced Neusticurus   Gymnophthalmidae FRENCH GUIANA
Ophiomorus punctatissimus X   Limbless Skink Ophiomore à petits points Scincidae GREECE
Ophisaurus ceroni X X Ceron’s Glass Lizard   Anguidae MEXICO
Ophisops elegans X   Snake-eyed Lizard   Lacertidae IRAN-GREECE
Panaspis wahlbergii X X Savanne-brilleskink   Scincidae TANZANIA
Paralaudakia caucasia X X Caucasian Agama   Agamidae IRAN – GEORGIA
Pelturagonia nigrilabris X Blacklipped Eyebrow Lizard Agamidae BORNEO
Phelsuma dubia X X Zanzibar Day Gecko Gecko diurne sombre Gekkonidae TANZANIA
Phrynocephalus mystaceus X   Toad headed agama   Agamidae IRAN
Phrynocephalus scutellatus X   Gray Toad-headed Agama   Agamidae IRAN
Plestiodon brevirostris X X Short-nosed Skink   Scincidae MEXICO
Plestiodon dugesi X X Duges’ Skink   Scincidae MEXICO
Plica plica X X Collared Treerunner Tropidure plissé Tropiduridae FRENCH GUIANA – ECUADOR
Plica umbra X X Blue-Lipped Tree Lizard Tropidure ombré Tropiduridae FRENCH GUIANA – ECUADOR
Podarcis bocagei X   Bocage’s Wall Lizard   Lacertidae SPAIN
Podarcis carbonelli X   Carbonell’s Wall Lizard   Lacertidae SPAIN
Podarcis guadarramae X   Guadarrama Wall Lizard   Lacertidae SPAIN
Podarcis hispanicus X   Spanish Wall Lizard   Lacertidae SPAIN
Podarcis liolepis X X Catalonian Wall Lizard Lézard catalan Lacertidae FRANCE-SPAIN
Podarcis lusitanicus X Lacertidae SPAIN
Podarcis melisellensis X   Dalmatian Wall Lizard Lézard de l’Adriatique Lacertidae MONTENEGRO
Podarcis muralis X X Common Wall Lizard Lézard des murailles Lacertidae FRANCE
Podarcis peloponnesiacus X   Peloponnese Wall Lizard Lézard du Péloponnèse Lacertidae GREECE
Podarcis pityusensis X   Ibiza Wall Lizard Lézard des Pituyses Lacertidae SPAIN
Podarcis siculus X   Italian Wall Lizard Lézard sicilien Lacertidae FRANCE
Podarcis tauricus X   Balkan Wall Lizard   Lacertidae GREECE
Podarcis vaucheri X   Andalusian wall lizard Lézard hispanique d’Afrique du Nord Lacertidae SPAIN
Pogona vitticeps X Bearded Dragon Agame barbu Agamidae CAPTIVE
Polychrus marmoratus X   Common Monkey Lizard   Polychrotidae FRENCH GUIANA
Potamites ecpleopus X X Common Stream Lizard   Gymnophthalmidae ECUADOR
Potamites strangulatus X X Rainbow Stream-Lizard   Gymnophthalmidae ECUADOR
Psammodromus algirus X   Algerian Psammodromus Psammodrome algire Lacertidae FRANCE-SPAIN
Psammodromus edwarsianus X   East Iberian Psammodromus Psammodrome d’Edwards Lacertidae FRANCE
Psammodromus occidentalis X   Western Psammodromus Psammodrome occidental Lacertidae SPAIN
Pseudopus apodus X X European Glass Lizard Orvet géant des Balkans Anguidae GREECE-MONTENEGRO-GEORGIA
Ptyodactylus guttatus X X Sinai Fan-fingered Gecko   Gekkonidae ISRAEL
Ptyodactylus hasselquistii Poor   Yellow Fan-fingered Gecko   Gekkonidae ISRAEL
Ptyodactylus oudrii X X Oudri’s Fan-footed Gecko Ptyodactyle d’Oudri Gekkonidae MOROCCO
Quedenfeldtia moerens X X Moroccan day Gecko Gecko à paupières épineuses Gekkonidae MOROCCO
Quedenfeldtia trachyblepharus X   Atlas day Gecko Gecko à paupières épineuses du Haut Atlas Gekkonidae MOROCCO
Rhampholeon acuminatus X X Nguru pygmy chameleon Caméléon pygmé de Nguru Chamaeleonidae TANZANIA
Rhampholeon boulengeri X X Boulenger’s pygmy chameleon Caméléon pygmé de Boulenger Chamaeleonidae KENYA
Rhampholeon moyeri X X Moyer’s Pygmy Chameleon Caméléon pygmé de Moyer Chamaeleonidae TANZANIA
Rhampholeon nchisiensis X X Nchisi Pitless Pygmy Chameleon Chamaeleonidae TANZANIA
Rhampholeon uluguruensis X X Uluguru pygmy chameleon Chamaeleonidae TANZANIA
Rieppeleon brevicaudatus X X Bearded Leaf Chameleon Chamaeleonidae TANZANIA
Salvator merianae X   Black-and-white Tegu   Teiidae BRAZIL
Saurodactylus brosseti X   Morocco Lizard-fingered Gecko Sauradactyle à bandes Gekkonidae MOROCCO
Scelarcis perspicillata X   Moroccan Rock Lizard Lézard à lunettes Lacertidae MOROCCO
Sceloporus grammicus X X Graphic Spiny Lizard   Phrynosomatidae MEXICO
Sceloporus jalapae X X Jalapa Spiny Lizard   Phrynosomatidae MEXICO
Sceloporus mucronatus X X Cleft Lizard   Phrynosomatidae MEXICO
Sceloporus spinosus X X Eastern Spiny Lizard   Phrynosomatidae MEXICO
Sceloporus torquatus X X     Phrynosomatidae MEXICO
Sceloporus variabilis X   Rosebelly Lizard   Phrynosomatidae COSTA RICA-MEXICO
Sphaerodactylus homolepis X   Caribbean Least Gecko   Sphaerodactylidae COSTA RICA
Scincella cherriei X   Brown Forest Skink   Scincidae COSTA RICA
Sphenomorphus striolatus X       Scincidae INDONESIA
Stenodactylus doriae X X Middle Eastern Short-Fingered Gecko   Gekkonidae ISRAEL
Stenodactylus mauritanicus X   Northern Elegant Gecko Sténodactyle de Maurétanie Gekkonidae MOROCCO
Stenodactylus petrii X X Anderson’s Short-fingered Gecko Sténodactyle de Pétrie Gekkonidae ISRAEL
Stenodactylus sthenodactylus X X Lichtenstein’s Short-fingered Gecko Sténodactyle élégant Gekkonidae ISRAEL
Tarentola boehmei X X Böhme’s Gecko Tarente de Böhme Gekkonidae MOROCCO
Tarentola chazaliae X X Helmethead Gecko Gecko casqué Gekkonidae MOROCCO
Tarentola mauritanica X X Moorish gecko Tarente de Maurétanie Gekkonidae FRANCE-SPAIN-MOROCCO
Tenuidactylus caspius X   Caspian Bent-toed Gecko Cyrtodactyle de la Caspienne Gekkonidae IRAN
Teratoscincus keyserlingii X   Plate-tailed Gecko   Sphaerodactylidae IRAN
Thecadactylus rapicauda X X Northern Turniptail Gecko   Phyllodactylidae FRENCH GUIANA-COSTA RICA
Thecadactylus solimoensis X X Southern Turniptail   Phyllodactylidae ECUADOR
Timon lepidus X X Ocellated lizard Lézard ocellé Lacertidae FRANCE-SPAIN
Timon nevadensis X   Sierra Nevada Lizard   Lacertidae SPAIN
Trachylepis affinis X X Senegal Mabuya   Scincidae IVORY COAST
Trachylepis maculilabris X   Speckle-lipped Skink   Scincidae UGANDA
Trachylepis megalura X X Grass-top skink   Scincidae KENYA
Trachylepis septemtaeniata X   Southern Grass Skink   Scincidae IRAN
Trachylepis striata X   Striped skink   Scincidae UGANDA – KENYA
Trachylepis varia X   Variable skink   Scincidae KENYA – TANZANIA
Trapelus agilis X   Brilliant Ground Agama   Agamidae IRAN
Trapelus boehmei X   Böhme’s Agama Agame de Böhme Agamidae MOROCCO
Trapelus savignii X X Egyptian Sand Agama   Agamidae ISRAEL
Trioceros deremensis X   Usambara three-horned chameleon   Chamaeleonidae TANZANIA
Trioceros ellioti X   Elliot’s Groove-throated Chameleon   Chamaeleonidae UGANDA
Trioceros hoehnelii X  X High-casqued Chameleon Caméléon à Casque Élevé Chamaeleonidae KENYA
Trioceros jacksonii X Jackson’s Three-horned Chameleon Caméléon de Jackson Chamaeleonidae KENYA
Trioceros melleri X Giant One-horned Chameleon Chamaeleonidae TANZANIA
Trioceros tempeli X X Tanzania Mountain Chameleon Chamaeleonidae TANZANIA
Trioceros werneri X X Werner’s Chameleon Caméléon de Werner Chamaeleonidae TANZANIA
Tropidurus torquatus X   Amazon Lava Lizard   Tropiduridae BRAZIL
Tropiocolotes algericus X X Algerian Sand gecko Tropiocolotès d’Algérie Gekkonidae MOROCCO
Tropiocolotes nattereri X X Sand gecko   Gekkonidae ISRAEL
Uromastyx (Saara) loricata X   Mesopotamian Spiny -tailed Lizard   Agamidae IRAN
Uromastyx aegyptia X   Egyptian Spiny–tailed Lizard   Agamidae ISRAEL
Uromastyx nigriventris X X Moroccan Spiny-tailed Lizard Fouette-queue du Maroc Agamidae MOROCCO
Uromastyx ornata X X Ornate Mastigure   Agamidae ISRAEL
Urosaurus bicarinatus X X Tropical Tree Lizard   Phrynosomatidae MEXICO
Varanus griseus X X Desert Monitor Varan du désert Varanidae ISRAEL
Varanus komodoensis X   Komodo Dragon Varan de Komodo Varanidae INDONESIA
Varanus niloticus X Nile Monitor Varan du Nil Varanidae UGANDA
Varanus salvator X   Malayan Water Monitor   Varanidae MALAYSIA
Varanus ornatus Young only Young only West African Nile Monitor Varan du Nil d’Afrique de l’ouest Varanidae IVORY COAST
Varzea bistriata X       Scincidae FRENCH GUIANA
Zootoca vivipara X X Viviparous Lizard Lézard vivipare Lacertidae FRANCE