Voici une liste des espèces des anoures (à savoir les grenouilles, les crapauds et les espèces associées) pour lesquelles je dispose de photos. La liste est continuellement mise à jour. un travail long et fastidieux, plus ou moins à jour au gré de mes pérégrinations herpétologiques ! Dans le tableau, un lien est associé à la plupart des espèces. Ce lien renvoie vers quelques exemples de photos du spécimen qui existent dans ma bibliothèque (n’hésitez pas à rafraîchir si la page flickr ne renvoie vers aucun résultat). Le tableau indique, pour chaque espèce, de quel type de photo je dispose (photo in situ ou photo sur fond blanc), et le lieu de la prise de photo. Les noms vernaculaires et la taxonomie (plus ou moins à jour selon les spécialistes) sont à titre indicatif. [En cours !]

Here is a list of anuran (frogs and toads) that I have available in photos. The list is continuously updated. a long and tedious work, more or less up to date according to my herpetological wanderings! In the table, a link is associated with most species. This link refers to some examples of photos of the specimen that exist in my library (feel free to refresh if the flickr page does not return any results). The table indicates, for each species, what type of photo I have (photo in situ or photo on a white background), and the place of taking a photo. The common names and the taxonomy (more or less up to date according to the specialists) are for information only. [IN PROGRESS…]


Liste des anoures – Anuran List

Espèce / Species Photo F. blanc / Whiteback. English name Nom français Taxonomy Lieu / Location
Acanthixalus sonjae X X Sonja’s Spiny Frog Hyperoliidae IVORY COAST
Adenomera andreae X Cocha Chirping Frog Leptodactylidae FRENCH GUIANA
Adenomera hylaedactyla X Forest Chirping Frog Leptodactylidae FRENCH GUIANA
Afrixalus osorioi X Angola Banana Frog Hyperoliidae UGANDA
Afrixalus dorsalis X X Brown Banana Frog Hyperoliidae IVORY COAST
Agalychnis callidryas X American Red-eyed Tree Frog Phyllomedusidae COSTA RICA
Agalychnis dacnicolor X X Mexican Giant Tree Frog Phyllomedusidae MEXICO
Alcalus baluensis X Ceratobatrachidae BORNEO
Allobates femoralis X Brilliant-thighed Poison Frog Epipedobate Fémoral Aromobatidae FRENCH GUIANA
Allobates granti X Aromobatidae FRENCH GUIANA
Allobates talamancae X X Striped Rocket Frog Aromobatidae COSTA RICA
Alytes almogavarii X Catalonian Midwife Toad Alyte catalan Alytidae SPAIN
Alytes cisternasii X Iberian Midwife Toad Alytidae SPAIN
Alytes dickhilleni X Betic Midwife Toad Alytidae SPAIN
Alytes obstetricans  X X Common Midwife Toad Alyte accoucheur Alytidae FRANCE
Amietia nutti X X Nutt’s River Frog Pyxicephalidae – Cacosterninae KENYA
Amietia wittei X X Molo Frog Pyxicephalidae – Cacosterninae KENYA
Amnirana albolabris X X Forest White-lipped Frog Ranidae IVORY COAST
Anomaloglossus baeobatrachus X Guiana Rocket Frog Aromobatidae FRENCH GUIANA
Ansonia longidigita X Long-fingered Stream Toad Bufonidae BORNEO
Arthroleptis poecilonotus X X Mottled Squeaker Arthroleptidae – Arthroleptinae IVORY COAST
Astylosternus occidentalis X X Western Night Frog Arthroleptidae – Astylosterninae IVORY COAST
Atelopus flavescens X Cayenne Stubfoot Toad Atélope jaunâtre Bufonidae FRENCH GUIANA
Barbarophryne brongersmai  X X Brongersma’s Toad Crapaud de Brongersma Bufonidae MOROCCO
Boana boans X Giant Gladiator Treefrog Hylidae FRENCH GUIANA
Boana calcarata X Convict Tree Frog Hylidae FRENCH GUIANA
Boana fasciata X Günther’s Banded Tree Frog Hylidae FRENCH GUIANA
Boana multifasciata X Many-banded Tree Frog Hylidae FRENCH GUIANA
Boana pellucens X X Palmar Tree Frog Hylidae ECUADOR
Boana picturata X X Chachi Treefrog Hylidae ECUADOR
Boana punctata X Polka-dot Tree Frog Hylidae FRENCH GUIANA
Boana rosenbergi X Rosenberg’s Gladiator Frog Hylidae COSTA RICA
Boana semilineata X Semi-lined Tree Frog Hylidae FRENCH GUIANA
Bombina variegata X X Yellow-bellied Toad Sonneur à ventre jaune Bombinatoridae FRANCE
Bufo bufo X Common Toad Crapaud commun Bufonidae FRANCE
Bufo spinosus X X Spiny Toad Crapaud épineux Bufonidae FRANCE
Bufotes viridis X Green Toad Crapaud vert Bufonidae GREECE – MONTENEGRO
Bufotes boulengeri X X African Green Toad Crapaud vert d’Afrique du Nord Bufonidae MOROCCO
Bufotes turanensis X Bufonidae IRAN
Bufotes sitibundus X Turan Toad Bufonidae IRAN
Callimedusa tomopterna X Barred Monkey Frog Phyllomedusidae FRENCH GUIANA
Cardioglossa occidentalis X X Western Long-fingered Frog Arthroleptidae IVORY COAST
Ceratophrys cornuta X Amazonian Horned Frog Ceratophryidae FRENCH GUIANA
Chalcorana labialis X Southern White-lipped Frog Ranidae MALAYSIA
Chalcorana raniceps X Borneo White-lipped Frog Ranidae BORNEO
Chiasmocleis albopunctata X Microhylidae BRAZIL
Chiasmocleis hudsoni X Microhylidae FRENCH GUIANA
Chiromantis rufescens X X African Foam-nest Treefrog Rhacophoridae IVORY COAST
Craugastor crassidigitus X Slim-fingered Rain Frog Craugastoridae COSTA RICA
Craugastor fitzingeri X Fitzinger’s Robber Frog Craugastoridae COSTA RICA
Craugastor mexicanus X X Craugastoridae MEXICO
Craugastor megacephalus X Craugastoridae COSTA RICA
Craugastor occidentalis X X Taylor’s Barking Frog Craugastoridae MEXICO
Craugastor polyptychus X X Craugastoridae COSTA RICA
Craugastor rugosus X Rugose Robber Frog Craugastoridae COSTA RICA
Craugastor spatulatus X X Craugastoridae MEXICO
Cruziohyla calcarifer X X Splendid Leaf Frog Phyllomedusidae COSTA RICA
Dendrobates tinctorius X Blue Poison Dart Frog Dendrobatidae FRENCH GUIANA
Dendropsophus minusculus X Rivero’s Tiny Tree Frog Hylidae FRENCH GUIANA
Dendropsophus minutus X Lesser Tree Frog Hylidae FRENCH GUIANA
Dendropsophus ebraccatus X X Hourglass Treefrog Rainette sablier Hylidae ECUADOR – COSTA RICA
Dendropsophus leucophyllatus X Clown Tree Frog Rainette à bandeau Hylidae FRENCH GUIANA
Dendropsophus melanargyreus X Interior Tree Frog Hylidae BRAZIL
Dendropsophus microcephalus X Small-headed Treefrog Hylidae COSTA RICA
Dendropsophus walfordi (ex. nanus) X Walford’s Yellow Tree Frog Hylidae FRENCH GUIANA
Dendrobates auratus X X Green and Black Dart-poison Frog Dendrobatidae COSTA RICA
Diasporus diastema X Common Dink Frog Eleutherodactylidae COSTA RICA
Discoglossus galganoi (+ jeannae) X Iberian Painted Frog Discoglosse de Galgano Alytidae SPAIN
Discoglossus pictus X X Mediterranean Painted Frog Discoglosse peint Alytidae FRANCE
Discoglossus scovazzi X Moroccan Painted Frog Discoglosse du Maroc Alytidae MOROCCO
Duttaphrynus melanostictus X Asian Common Toad Bufonidae MALAYSIA
Elachistocleis matogrosso X X Microhylidae BRAZIL
Eleutherodactylus nitidus X Peters’ Shiny Peeping Frog Eleutherodactylidae MEXICO
Engystomops petersi X X Painted Forest Toadlet Leptodactylidae ECUADOR
Epidalea calamita X X Natterjack Toad Crapaud calamite Bufonidae FRANCE
Espadarana prosoblepon X X Emerald Glass Frog Centrolenidae ECUADOR
Hemisus marmoratus X X Marbled Snout-Burrower Hemisotidae IVORY COAST
Hoplobatrachus occipitalis X Crowned bullfrog Dicroglossidae IVORY COAST
Hyalinobatrachium cappellei X Banded-limb Glassfrog Centrolenidae FRENCH GUIANA
Hyalinobatrachium fleischmanni X X Fleischmann’s Glass Frog Centrolenidae MEXICO
Hyalinobatrachium valerioi X Valerio’s Glass Frog Centrolenidae COSTA RICA
Hydrolaetare schmidti X Moaning River Frog Hydrolaetare de Schmidt Leptodactylidae FRENCH GUIANA
Hyla arborea  X X European Tree Frog Rainette verte Hylidae FRANCE
Hyla arenicolor X Canyon Tree Frog Hylidae MEXICO
Hyla eximia X X Mountain Tree Frog Hylidae MEXICO
Hyla meridionalis X X Stripeless Tree Frog Rainette méridionale Hylidae FRANCE – MOROCCO
Hyla molleri X X Iberian Tree Frog Rainette ibérique Hylidae SPAIN – FRANCE
Hyla orientalis X Oriental Tree Frog Hylidae IRAN
Hyla plicata X X Ridged Tree Frog Hylidae MEXICO
Hyla savignyi X Lemon-yellow Tree Frog Hylidae IRAN
Hylarana erythraea X Common Greenback Ranidae MALAYSIA
Hylarana glandulosa X Ranidae MALAYSIA
Hylarana raniceps X Ranidae BORNEO
Hyperolius chlorosteus X X Sierra Leone Reed Frog Hyperoliidae IVORY COAST
Hyperolius cinnamomeoventris X Rough-skinned Green Tree Frog Hyperoliidae KENYA
Hyperolius concolor X X Variable Reed Frog Hyperoliidae IVORY COAST
Hyperolius fusciventris X X Lime Reed Frog Hyperoliidae IVORY COAST
Hyperolius guttulatus X X Dotted Reed Frog Hyperoliidae IVORY COAST
Hyperolius montanus X Mountain Reed Frog Hyperoliidae KENYA
Hyperolius sylvaticus X X Bobiri Reed Frog Hyperoliidae IVORY COAST
Hyperolius viridiflavus X Common Reed Frog Hyperoliidae KENYA
Hypsiboas cinerascens (ex. granosa) X Cinnamon-bellied Reed Frog Hylidae FRENCH GUIANA
Hypsiboas raniceps X Chaco Tree Frog Hylidae BRAZIL – FRENCH GUIANA
Incilius luetkenii X Yellow Toad Bufonidae COSTA RICA
Incilius melanochlorus X Dark Green Toad Bufonidae COSTA RICA
Incilius occidentalis X X Pine Toad Bufonidae MEXICO
Ingerophrynus parvus X Lesser Toad Bufonidae MALAYSIA
Kaloula baleata X X Brown Bullfrog Microhylidae INDONESIA
Leptobrachium abbotti X Lowland Litter Frog Megophryidae BORNEO
Leptobrachium hendricksoni X Spotted Litter Frog Megophryidae MALAYSIA
Leptobrachium sp. X Megophryidae BORNEO
Leptodactylus chaquensis X Leptodactylidae BRAZIL
Leptodactylus fuscus X Whistling Grass Frog Leptodactylidae FRENCH GUIANA
Leptodactylus knudseni X Knudsen’s Thin-toed Frog Leptodactylidae FRENCH GUIANA
Leptodactylus labrosus X Pimocha White-lipped Frog Leptodactylidae ECUADOR
Leptodactylus labyrinthicus X Pepper Frog Leptodactylidae BRAZIL
Leptodactylus myersi X Myers’ Thin-toed Frog Leptodactyle de Myers Leptodactylidae FRENCH GUIANA
Leptodactylus mystaceus X Basin White-lipped Frog Leptodactylidae ECUADOR – FRENCH GUIANA
Leptodactylus pentadactylus X Central American Bullfrog Leptodactylidae FRENCH GUIANA – COSTA RICA
Leptodactylus podicipinus X Leptodactylidae BRAZIL – FRENCH GUIANA
Leptodactylus rhodomystax X X Loreto White-lipped Frog Leptodactylidae ECUADOR – FRENCH GUIANA
Leptodactylus savagei Poor Savage’s Thin-toed Frog Leptodactylidae COSTA RICA
Leptodactylus stenodema X Leptodactylidae ECUADOR – FRENCH GUIANA
Leptodactylus wagneri X X Dwarf Jungle Frog Leptodactylidae ECUADOR
Leptopelis hyloides X Arthroleptidae IVORY COAST
Leptopelis kivuensis X Kisenyi Forest Tree Frog Arthroleptidae UGANDA
Leptopelis mackayi X X Mackay Forest Tree Frog Arthroleptidae KENYA
Leptopelis macrotis X X Amani Forest Tree Frog Arthroleptidae IVORY COAST
Leptopelis spiritusnoctis X X Arthroleptidae IVORY COAST
Limnonectes blythii X Blyth’s River Frog Dicroglossidae MALAYSIA
Limnonectes khasianus X Broad-headed Frog Dicroglossidae BORNEO
Limnonectes malesianus X Malesian Frog Dicroglossidae BORNEO
Limnonectes palavanensis X Smooth Guardian Frog Dicroglossidae BORNEO
Lithobates catesbeianus X X Bull Frog Grenouille taureau Ranidae FRANCE – MEXICO
Lithobates forreri X X Forrer’s Grass Frog Ranidae MEXICO
Lithobates neovolcanica X X Transverse Volcanic Leopard Frog Ranidae MEXICO
Lithobates warszewitschii X Brillant Forest Frog Ranidae COSTA RICA
Megophrys baluensis X X Kinabalu Horned Frog Megophryidae BORNEO
Megophrys nasuta X X Long-nosed Horned Frog Megophryidae BORNEO
Metaphrynella sundana X Tree Hole Frog Microhylidae BORNEO
Microhyla berdmorei X Berdmore’s Chorus Frog Microhylidae MALAYSIA
Microhyla borneensis X Matang Narrow-mouthed Frog Microhylidae BORNEO
Microhyla fissipes X East Asian Ornate Chorus Frog Microhylidae MALAYSIA
Microhyla heymonsi X Arcuate-spotted Pygmy Frog Microhylidae MALAYSIA
Morerella cyanophthalma X Morere’s Blue-eyed Frog Hyperoliidae IVORY COAST
Nyctixalus pictus X Cinnamon Frog Rhacophoridae BORNEO
Occidozyga sp. X Dicroglossidae MALAYSIA
Oophaga pumilio X X Strawberry Poison Dart Frog Dendrobatidae COSTA RICA
Osteocephalus mutabor X Ecuadoran Spiny-backed Frog Hylidae ECUADOR
Osteocephalus oophagus X Egg-eating Spiny-backed Frog Hylidae FRENCH GUIANA
Osteocephalus taurinus X Giant Broad-headed Treefrog Hylidae FRENCH GUIANA
Pelobates cultripes X X Iberian Spadefoot Toad Pélobate cultripède Pelobatidae FRANCE – SPAIN
Pelodytes punctatus X X Common Parsley Frog Pélodyte ponctué Pelodytidae FRANCE – SPAIN
Pelophryne signata X Lowland Dwarf Toad Bufonidae BORNEO
Pelophylax bedriagae X Levant Green Frog Grenouille de Bedriaga Ranidae IRAN – ISRAEL
Pelophylax kl. esculentus X X Edible Frog Grenouille comestible Ranidae FRANCE
Pelophylax kl. grafi X X Graf’s Hybrid Frog Grenouille de Graf Ranidae FRANCE
Pelophylax kurtmuelleri X Balkan Water Frog Grenouille verte des Balkans Ranidae GREECE
Pelophylax lessonae X X Italian Pool Frog Grenouille de Lessona Ranidae FRANCE
Pelophylax perezi X X Perez’s Frog Grenouille de Pérez Ranidae FRANCE – SPAIN
Pelophylax ridibundus X X Eurasian Marsh Frog Grenouille rieuse Ranidae FRANCE
Pelophylax saharicus X X North African Green Frog Grenouille verte d’Afrique du Nord Ranidae MOROCCO
Philautus tectus X Obscure Bush Frog Rhacophoridae BORNEO
Phrynobatrachus annulatus X X Ringed river frog Phrynobatrachidae IVORY COAST
Phrynobatrachus fraterculus X X Macenta river frog Phrynobatrachidae IVORY COAST
Phrynobatrachus latifrons X X Accra River Frog Phrynobatrachidae IVORY COAST
Phrynobatrachus liberiensis X X Phrynobatrachidae IVORY COAST
Phrynobatrachus natalensis X Natal Dwarf Puddle Frog Phrynobatrachidae UGANDA
Phrynobatrachus plicatus X X Coast River Frog Phrynobatrachidae IVORY COAST
Phrynoidis aspera X Asian Giant Toad Bufonidae MALAYSIA
Phyllobates lugubris X Striped Poison Dart Frog Dendrobatidae COSTA RICA
Phyllomedusa bicolor Bad Giant Monkey Frog Phyllomedusidae FRENCH GUIANA
Phyllomedusa vaillantii X White-lined Monkey Frog Phyllomedusidae FRENCH GUIANA
Physalaemus (Eupemphis) nattereri X X Cuyaba Dwarf Frog Leptodactylidae BRAZIL
Physalaemus (Eupemphis) cuvieri X Leptodactylidae BRAZIL
Pipa aspera X Albina Surinam Toad Pipidae FRENCH GUIANA
Pipa pipa X Suriname Toad Pipidae FRENCH GUIANA
Pithecopus hypochondrialis X Northern Orange-legged Leaf Frog Phyllomedusidae BRAZIL
Polypedates leucomystax X Asian Brown Treefrog Rhacophoridae MALAYSIA
Polypedates otilophus X File-eared Tree Frog Rhacophoridae BORNEO
Pristimantis achatinus X Pastures Rainfrog Craugastoridae ECUADOR
Pristimantis acuminatus X Green Rainfrog Craugastoridae ECUADOR
Pristimantis aff. zimmermanae Bad Green Rainfrog Craugastoridae FRENCH GUIANA
Pristimantis chiastonotus X Eleutherodactyle porte Craugastoridae FRENCH GUIANA
Pristimantis crucifer X X Blue-thighed Rainfrog Craugastoridae ECUADOR
Pristimantis diademus X Diadem Rain Frog Craugastoridae ECUADOR
Pristimantis gutturalis X Eleutherodactyle à bande gutturale Craugastoridae FRENCH GUIANA
Pristimantis inguinalis X Eleutherodactyle inguinal Craugastoridae FRENCH GUIANA
Pristimantis labiosus X Labiated Rainfrog Craugastoridae ECUADOR
Pristimantis latidiscus X Craugastoridae ECUADOR
Pristimantis luteolateralis (or crenunguis) X X Yellow-groined Rainfrog Craugastoridae ECUADOR
Pristimantis w-nigrum X X W Rainfrog Craugastoridae ECUADOR
Pristimantis zeuctotylus X Pristimante zeuctotyle Craugastoridae FRENCH GUIANA
Pseudis paradoxa X Paradoxical Frog Hylidae FRENCH GUIANA
Pseudis platensis X Paraguayan Swimming Frog Hylidae BRAZIL
Ptychadena anchietae X Anchieta’s Ridged Frog Ptychadenidae KENYA
Ptychadena bibroni X X Broad-banded Grass Frog Ptychadenidae IVORY COAST
Ptychadena longirostris X Snouted Grassland Frog Ptychadenidae IVORY COAST
Ptychadena mascareniensis X Mascarene Grassland Frog Grenouille des Mascareignes Ptychadenidae UGANDA – IVORY COAST
Pulchrana glandulosa X Rough-sided frog Ranidae MALAYSIA
Pulchrana picturata X Spotted Stream Frog Ranidae BORNEO
Rana dalmatina X X Agile Frog Grenouille agile Ranidae FRANCE
Rana graeca X Greek Stream Frog Grenouille grecque Ranidae MONTENEGRO
Rana iberica X Iberian Frog Grenouille ibérique Ranidae SPAIN
Rana pseudodalmatina X Hyrcanian Wood Frog Ranidae IRAN
Rana pyrenaica X X Pyrenean Frog Grenouille des Pyrénées Ranidae FRANCE – SPAIN
Rana temporaria X X European Common Frog Grenouille rousse Ranidae FRANCE – SPAIN
Ranitomeya amazonica X Amazon Dart Frog Dendrobatidae FRENCH GUIANA
Rhacophorus pardalis X Harlequin Tree Frog Rhacophoridae BORNEO
Rhaebo ecuadorensis X X Bufonidae ECUADOR
Rhaebo guttatus X Smooth-sided Toad Bufonidae FRENCH GUIANA
Rhaebo haematiticus X X Leaf Litter Toad Bufonidae ECUADOR – COSTA RICA
Rheohyla miotympanum X X Small-eared Tree Frog Hylidae MEXICO
Rhinella (diptycha) schneideri X X Cururu Toad Bufonidae BRAZIL
Rhinella aff. martyi X Bufonidae FRENCH GUIANA
Rhinella castaneotica X Para Toad Bufonidae FRENCH GUIANA
Rhinella dapsilis X X Sharp-nosed Toad Bufonidae ECUADOR
Rhinella granulosa X Bufonidae BRAZIL
Rhinella horribilis X X Sharp-nosed Toad Bufonidae ECUADOR – MEXICO
Rhinella margaritifera X Crested Forest Toad Crapaud perlé Bufonidae ECUADOR – FRENCH GUIANA
Rhinella marina X Cane Toad Crapaud boeuf Bufonidae ECUADOR – FRENCH GUIANA – COSTA RICA
Rhinella merianae X Bufonidae FRENCH GUIANA
Sachatamia ilex X X Ghost Glass Frog Centrolenidae ECUADOR
Scinax acuminatus X Mato Grosso Snouted Tree Frog Hylidae BRAZIL
Scinax boesemani X Boeseman’s Snouted Tree Frog Hylidae FRENCH GUIANA
Scinax elaeochroa X Olive Snouted Tree Frog Hylidae COSTA RICA
Scinax nasicus X Lesser Snouted Tree Frog Hylidae BRAZIL
Scinax ruber X Red Snouted Tree Frog Rainette des maisons Hylidae ECUADOR – FRENCH GUIANA
Sclerophrys maculata X Hallowell’s Toad Bufonidae UGANDA
Sclerophrys mauritanica X X Mauritanian Toad Crapaud de Maurétanie Bufonidae MOROCCO
Sclerophrys regularis X X Square marked toad Bufonidae IVORY COAST
Sclerophrys togoensis X X Bufonidae IVORY COAST
Sclerophrys xeros X X Subdesert Toad Bufonidae KENYA
Smilisca baudinii X X Common Mexican Tree Frog Hylidae MEXICO – COSTA RICA
Smilisca phaeota X Masked Tree Frog Hylidae ECUADOR – COSTA RICA
Smilisca sordida X Drab Tree Frog Hylidae COSTA RICA
Spea multiplicata X X Mexican Spadefoot Scaphiopodidae MEXICO
Staurois guttatus X X Black-spotted Rock Skipper Ranidae BORNEO
Teratohyla mida X X Centrolenidae ECUADOR
Tlalocohyla smithii X X Dwarf Mexican Tree Frog Hylidae MEXICO
Tomopterna cryptotis X X Tremelo Sand Frog Pyxicephalidae KENYA
Trachycephalus coriaceus Bad Golden-Eyed Tree Frog Hylidae FRENCH GUIANA
Trachycephalus hadroceps X New River Tree Frog Rainette marteau Hylidae FRENCH GUIANA
Trachycephalus resinifictrix X Amazon Milk Frog Rainette kunawalu Hylidae FRENCH GUIANA
Trachycephalus typhonius X X Central American Milk Frog Hylidae FRENCH GUIANA – BRAZIL – MEXICO
Xenopus laevis X X African Clawed Frog Xénope lisse Pipidae FRANCE
Xenopus victorianus X X Lake Victoria Clawed Frog Pipidae KENYA